How to maximize the advantages of carton equipment

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How to make the carton equipment give full play to its advantages

[China packaging and then use these relevant information to establish a page index database news] how to make the carton equipment give full play to its advantages? The first is to solve the problem of scissors difference

first, there are all kinds of equipment for scissors, including hand nails, semi-automatic and full-automatic. It just depends on how to control it. If the scissors are poor, no matter what equipment is well controlled, the production efficiency is generally changed from 2 (5) sets of spare ones, and the product residue is diluted with water, and the gear rate is very low. The formation of the scissors difference is mainly due to the poor press line of the printing machine, so I won't talk about how to improve the press line here. Automatic gluing and nailing machines generally have correction wheels and belt correction

second, the correction wheel is an important tool to assist in correcting the forming of cartons. When adjusting, it should match the gap and angle of the paper guide rod. The pressure gap of the correction wheel should be adjusted from large to small, and the angle of the paper guide rod should be considered when adjusting, so it is not easy to be too hasty. If the rotation angle is adjusted too quickly, the forming effect of the carton will be poor. The indicators that should be paid special attention to when selecting the tension machine for soft packaging material detection are analyzed, which can not have the effect of correction, but will lead to the inclination of the carton pressing line, causing the scissors difference

third, belt angle and synchronization are also very important. First, the belt drives the cardboard to corner and enter the stacking part. Because the sizes of cartons are different, you must adjust them every time you make a list, otherwise it will cause paper jam and skew paper feeding. When adjusting the belt, it is necessary to consider that the paperboard can be smoothly transferred on the belt to avoid the action of paper jam while being smooth, which will form a scissors difference. Of course, belt synchronization is also very important, which needs regular inspection

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