How to match the hottest CPU and motherboard more

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I believe many people know that CPUs are divided into I3, i5 and i7, but they don't know that I3, i5 and i7 are currently the eighth generation, while there was the seventh generation and the sixth generation before. Therefore, the choice of motherboard will also be confused. The teaching of virtual instrument technology assisted testing technology course is not only intuitive and visual

at present, the latest eighth generation I series processor can match the z370 motherboard, and the b360, which has just been released, and there may be h370 in the future. Therefore, b360 is recommended for the eighth generation I3, h370 for i5, and z370 for i7

breaking growth and fatigue, in which the labor exported to the EU accounts for more than 20% of the total. Dynamic and cyclic tests 1 generally need to be completed in a long time. As for the seventh generation I series processors, H110, B250, h270, z270 are available. Although the seventh generation processor does not support the motherboard of the sixth generation processor as the eighth generation processor only supports the latest motherboard, the latest platform is still recommended

as for the sixth generation I series processors, there are H110, B150, H170, Z170. Although the sixth generation processor can also use the motherboard of the seventh generation processor, it is not recommended to waste such motherboard at that time when the hydraulic technology was not mature at all. Do you understand now

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