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How to make the color of the party newspaper more distinctive (I)

the application of color is an important part of color newspaper printing, which is more important in the party newspaper printing. The party newspaper is different from the entertainment newspaper, and the PCL implant does not have these problems. It is the mouthpiece of the party and plays a strong role in guiding public opinion. In particular, it needs to pay attention to its own image. The page color should be colorful and solemn, so it has higher requirements for printing quality

I. reasons affecting the color of the page of the party newspaper

in the printing process of the party newspaper, due to the large proportion of people's images, major events, etc., and the strong political color, it is required that the colors in the whole link should be correctly converted and matched, that is, from display to scanning, output, until printing, the colors must be consistent and in the exploratory stage, and the bad phenomena such as pasting, ghosting, white leakage and so on should be eliminated, so that the image Keep the color highly clear. However, in practical work, it is often difficult to ensure high definition and a sense of hierarchy. The main obstacles are:

1 Particularity of newspaper printing

characteristics of paper paper paper is widely used in color newspaper printing in China, so the requirements for printing equipment are very high. Paper is the substrate of color newspaper printing, and its paper characteristics have many effects on the printing quality. Mainly reflected in:

a. whiteness. Whiteness is a value indicating the optical performance of paper, which is a major indicator for color printing. Generally, the whiteness value of coated paper is about 80-100, while the whiteness value of paper is only 50-60. The higher the whiteness of paper, the higher the contrast between ink and paper, and the higher the purity of color

b. surface smoothness. The value of the surface smoothness of the paper reflects the surface smoothness of the paper and reflects the ability of the paper to absorb ink. Different smoothness of paper, printing ink and paper affinity performance is also different. The smoothness value of general coated paper is 500-700 or even higher, while that of paper is only about 30-60. Paper printing has high requirements for color, so we must grasp a certain range of colors, otherwise it is difficult to show the clarity and delicate level changes of the layout

c. ink drying method. The performance of paper determines the drying method of ink on paper. There is a coating layer on the surface of coated paper. Its drying method is mainly conjunctival, with high saturation, gloss and good color reduction effect. The surface of the paper is rough, and the drying of the ink is completed by appropriately penetrating into the pores between the paper fibers, which will greatly affect the color balance

diversity of printing machines in newspaper printing, there are many kinds of high-speed rotary offset printing machines used in China. Poor printing machines are far from good printing machines in terms of their overprint accuracy, color restoration effect, page cleanliness, ink uniformity and so on. Of course, the equipment maintenance and technical level of printing workers are also crucial

characteristics of ink. The quality of ink will also directly affect the color restoration. The viscosity, fluidity and dryness of ink will directly affect the expansion of printing point, color saturation, layout clarity, ink color uniformity and so on

other factors other auxiliary materials such as fountain solution and blanket also have a significant impact on printing

to sum up, the color newspaper printing has the functions of overload protection, displacement measurement and so on. The substrate and printing method determine its particularity different from general color printing. To stabilize and improve the printing quality of the party newspaper, in addition to starting with the printing equipment, we must also explore the best management method to solve and adapt to this particularity. Color management is an important management mode that coordinates the relationship between hardware and software in technology, standardizes the operation of all links, forms a benign quality system, and organizes and runs through the whole process. Today, with the rapid development of the newspaper industry, the urgent task for the party newspaper to improve the printing quality is to carry out color management as soon as possible to improve the printing quality of color newspapers

2. Process management needs to be standardized

the production process of color newspaper is very different from that of general color printing in terms of raw materials and production process. The party newspaper has great timeliness. The printing process of the newspaper must be subject to the overall time requirements of the newspaper's publication and distribution. The production process management of color newspaper using web paper for high-speed rotary printing is also difficult to apply the ready-made mode of general color printing, especially the mode of color management is also different. Therefore, we must establish the process management norms suitable for the production characteristics of the party newspaper, so as to achieve the effective control of its production efficiency and quality

3. The knowledge of technicians needs to be updated

color management requires technicians to be familiar with 5) the operation method of device test pieces, have a certain sensitivity, and be familiar with the printing production process. Color newspaper printing generally invests a lot of money in equipment, such as computers, scanners, color printers, laser typesetters, plate printers, printers and various detection instruments. Every modern tool needs human operation. Generally, party newspapers have a long history. In terms of personnel structure, older workers account for a large proportion. They need to experience the process of adapting to and learning modern color printing technology. Young people also need to learn about color newspaper printing. Although they are more receptive, they are not very familiar with the printing production process. Many party newspapers' training of talents lags behind the updating of equipment, which will seriously affect the development of Party newspapers. Only by constantly updating, enriching and equipping their knowledge can they flexibly apply color in the production process and print exquisite color newspapers

4. The newspaper industry has not yet formed a unified technical standard for color newspaper printing

in the printing industry of color newspaper, a unified technical standard has not been formed so far. Therefore, there is a lack of systematic theoretical research and guiding process and technical standards, which makes it difficult to achieve standardization and quantitative control, and it is also difficult to make specific judgments on the quality of each process

5. The aging of the equipment needs to be updated

restricted by the economic situation, some newspapers buy machine equipment in batches, the level and status of the equipment are uneven, the old equipment has different degrees of aging, the screen display is inaccurate, the scanning color is biased, the output is distorted, the printing is inconsistent and other problems emerge in an endless stream, which will bring difficulties to the color management of the party newspaper

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