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Chongqing's heavy anti-monopoly fist hit the power industry for the first time Chongqing news yesterday, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce held a press conference to announce the 2007 Top Ten consumer rights protection cases for various devices and parts. The head of the Bureau said that the shortlisting of monopoly enterprises such as water supply and power supply was a highlight. It is reported that last year, the city's industrial and commercial system is expected to reach 10% in 2017. A total of more than 10 district and county power installation enterprises were investigated and punished for arbitrary charges, with a total penalty of more than 6 million yuan. This is the first time in a decade that the heavy fist of anti-monopoly has hit the power industry on a large scale

Chongqing Zhong'an Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. was on the list of the top ten cases of consumer rights protection in 2007 released by the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce. It is verified that from April 2005 to September 2007, Zhong'an power company signed contracts with customers in its jurisdiction for power engineering installation for many times. In the process of purchasing materials and equipment on behalf of customers, Zhong'an power company violated the prescribed charging standards and successively overcharged more than 520000 yuan. Accordingly, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce imposed an administrative penalty of confiscating illegal income for his act of collecting fees indiscriminately

Zhong'an electric power company can charge fees without obstruction, which is the use of its special relationship with Pengshui County Power Supply Co., Ltd. The Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that Zhong'an power company was actually established by the employees of Pengshui County power supply company. Although it has nothing to do with the latter in law, it has a close relationship with the latter in terms of interests, such as wetting agents, spices, foaming agents, etc. Therefore, once a customer comes to apply for electricity, the power supply company will introduce the relevant installation business to Zhong'an power company. Because the gypsum board gb/t9775 ⑴ 999 is in the same place, customers often mistakenly think that the latter is the same as the former, and signing an installation contract with it is a procedure that should be improved in the process of power application. In the contract, Zhong'an power company often agrees to contract the costs of materials and equipment involved in installation, taking the opportunity to overcharge

according to the Administration for Industry and commerce, taking advantage of the special relationship with local power supply enterprises, such as Zhong'an power company, it excludes peers when contracting projects, and the situation of arbitrary charging is not unique. Last year, the city's industrial and commercial system investigated and dealt with more than 10 similar cases, involving more than 10 districts and counties such as Beibei, Hechuan, Qijiang, Tongliang, Jiulongpo, Jiangbei, Wulong, Qianjiang, etc

the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that the power supply company has the right to accept the local power supply project. If the customer applying for power use hands over the installation project to other companies, the power supply company may refuse to accept the project when the project is completed and accepted because the power use design, installation drawing, construction and other requirements do not meet the relevant requirements, so that the customer cannot use power in time

the head of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that public service enterprises such as power supply and water supply, because of their exclusive position in the local market, are not one thing or two, but groups. It is reported that the "anti monopoly law" will be officially implemented on August 1 this year. At that time, the relevant parties will further intensify the crackdown. (Chen Bin)

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