Chongqing, the hottest city, will be ordered to st

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Chongqing will be ordered to stop production and marketing if the fresh-keeping film fails to pass the sampling inspection.

Chongqing quality supervision department will carry out product quality sampling inspection on the enterprises producing fresh-keeping film in Chongqing from October 20; On the other hand, the industrial and commercial departments have done a good job in eliminating the impact of irregular samples on sensors in major supermarkets, and sampling and testing PVC fresh-keeping films that are being used and sold in shopping malls and markets

the Chongqing Municipal Department of quality supervision and industry and Commerce said on the 20th that after random inspection, the law enforcement department will order the production and sale of "problematic plastic film" that is harmful to human body to stop in order to protect the health of consumers

it is understood that most of the fresh-keeping films on the Chinese market are made of PVC. It is understood that the construction process is the same as that of the polystyrene board system. Once the PVC fresh-keeping film is stained with the oil on cooked food, harmful substances are easy to be diluted, which slightly affects people's endocrine, but for a long time, it will still be oriented towards high nickel materials, which will seriously lead to breast cancer, congenital defects of newborns or male reproductive disorders

according to the introduction, to identify whether the plastic wrap is toxic or not, you can use a lighter to light the plastic wrap. If after burning, the plastic wrap drips like wax oil and emits a candle smell, it is a non-toxic polyethylene film, while PVC has an unpleasant and irritating smell

information source: Zhongguang

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