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Chongqing Xiushan orderly promoted the "safe production month" activities of agricultural machinery

in order to improve the safety awareness of the masses, establish the concept of safe production, and popularize the knowledge of safe production, the agricultural machinery police office of Xiushan County concentrated time in June to carry out the publicity and education activities of safe production of agricultural machinery in key towns and cities in the county, promote the stable improvement of safe production of agricultural machinery, and solidly promote the "safe production month" activities of agricultural machinery

first, use display boards, slogans, text messages, sending promotional materials, safety manuals and other forms to publicize the safety knowledge of agricultural machinery, educate and guide agricultural machinery operators to establish the awareness and concept of safe production, constantly enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of agricultural machinery accident prevention, and comprehensively improve the ideological concept of safety first of the majority of agricultural machinery operators

second, the competition that allows athletes to concentrate is to carry out agricultural machinery safety consultation day activities. On June 16, he participated in the "safety production month" consultation day organized by the county government at Xiushan County lantern square, received public consultation, and distributed publicity materials and safety manuals

third, in order to deal with some problems faced by China in the import of new chemical materials, we should carry out a comprehensive safety inspection, focusing on the inspection of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, agricultural machinery operation service organizations, large agricultural machinery households, agricultural machinery specialized households and agricultural machinery dealers, and urge them to improve various safety systems and safety measures

fourth, carry out field safety inspection, go deep into the field, and carry out targeted safety inspection of field operation machinery. Focus on checking whether the technical status of field operation machinery is qualified, whether the license is complete, whether there is any violation of operating procedures, etc., so as to effectively eliminate the potential safety hazards of agricultural machinery and prevent the occurrence of agricultural machinery accidents

fifth, strengthen road control. We will strictly investigate and deal with serious violations of laws and regulations such as unlicensed driving, unlicensed driving, fake license, overdue annual inspection, mixed loading of people and goods, drunk driving, etc. of tractors on the road

in this event, the agricultural machinery police office and various towns (streets) carried out 36 publicity activities, participated in more than 260 publicity activities, distributed more than 8000 publicity materials, more than 1500 safety manuals, hung 30 slogans, more than 380 wall charts, and received more than 3000 people's consultations. We checked 12 professional cooperatives, 4 dealers, tractors and all kinds of agricultural machinery for more than 360 times. We selected the on-site interviews of gold medical, denipe, Lubrizol, Solvay and DuPont to publish 38 positive violations and 46 potential safety hazards

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