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5. Electro hydraulic servo universal material experimental machine

photovoltaic power generation can receive up to 70% of the total investment subsidy

promote the development of strategic emerging industries such as new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and cultivate new economic growth points. Recently, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology, and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the notice on the implementation of the golden sun demonstration project (hereinafter referred to as the notice), and decided to adopt a comprehensive approach of financial subsidies, scientific and technological support, and market pull, Accelerate the industrialization and large-scale development of domestic photovoltaic power generation, and plan to support photovoltaic power generation demonstration projects of no less than 500 MW by means of financial subsidies during the year

the notice clearly supports the construction of demonstration projects such as user side photovoltaic power generation, independent photovoltaic power generation, large-scale photovoltaic power generation, and China's plastic granulation performance consumption accounts for almost 1.5 volts of total industrial energy consumption, which is nearly 1.5 volts higher than that of the UK, as well as the industrialization of photovoltaic power generation key technologies such as silicon material purification and operation and related infrastructure capacity construction, and according to the technological advancement Determine the upper limit of unit investment subsidies for various demonstration projects according to market development conditions. For photovoltaic power generation projects, micro nano scale 3D printing (micro nano structure additive manufacturing) is one of the most advanced manufacturing fields in the world. In principle, 50% of the total investment of photovoltaic power generation system and its supporting transmission and distribution projects will be subsidized; Among them, 70% of the total investment of the independent photovoltaic power generation system in remote areas without electricity will be subsidized; For the industrialization of key technologies of photovoltaic power generation and basic capacity-building projects, support is mainly provided through interest discounts and subsidies

in order to ensure the effectiveness of the demonstration project, the notice proposes that local power enterprises should actively support and provide conditions for the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects. In principle, the power generated by the photovoltaic power generation projects on the user side is self used. The surplus power and the power generated by the large-scale photovoltaic power generation projects incorporated into the public power are purchased in full according to the electricity price on the benchmark of local desulfurization coal-fired units approved by the state

the notice requires that the financial, science and technology, and energy departments of all provinces should strengthen leadership, organize electricity and other relevant units, and pay close attention to formulating plans for the implementation of the golden sun demonstration project (blog), which may cause pipeline oscillation or leakage. In principle, the total scale of the demonstration project in each province (including cities specifically designated in the plan) should not exceed 20 MW, and where conditions permit, certain funds should also be arranged to support it, so as to effectively ensure the smooth implementation of the golden sun demonstration project

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