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The photovoltaic market has undergone drastic changes, and German enterprises have experienced tests.

Schott solar was trapped in the market and its total export value continued to rise, stopping its crystalline silicon production business. Globalsolarenergy, Inc., a leading manufacturer of flexible solar technology, announced on June 27 that its wholly-owned German subsidiary globalsolarenergydeutschlandgmbh (GSED) had started bankruptcy proceedings, less than 12 months since its launch in August 2011

of course, only some parts of the two German companies may produce sparks due to vibration and friction. They are the latest members of a long series of bankrupt enterprises, ranging from ordinary homes. Bankruptcy, production reduction and restructuring are testing Germany's photovoltaic manufacturing industry. Dr. Jeffrey Britt, CEO of globalsolar, said that the current situation of the EU renewable energy market is "high inventory, tight finance, falling prices and falling subsidies"

basic economic laws

Britt's description of European market conditions is true, there is no doubt. At present, photovoltaic enterprises largely follow the basic economic rules. Even the controversial fit regulations and anti-dumping charges against Chinese manufacturers fully respect this rule. As the market grows and competition intensifies, the market will change from a seller's market to a buyer's market, so the price will fall rapidly. At the same time, suppliers must remain competitive and invest more in production technology to keep their products competitive

there is still good news

of course, Germany's production investment is still a bright spot due to the ever-changing market conditions. For example, Dunmore has expanded its investment in Freiburg high-performance film products. Zhonghua glass () Department

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