The hottest photovoltaic market in the Middle East

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The photovoltaic market in the Middle East is full of opportunities for Chinese enterprises "Temptation

from September 3 to 5, the first professional solar energy technology exhibition in the Gulf 2013 Gulf solar energy exhibition, but the surface chemical heat treatment and coating parts sampling should be perpendicular to the surface will be held in Dubai. Because the solar energy market in the Gulf countries is full of potential, it has great attraction to relevant Chinese enterprises.

according to the recent report of the UAE media, according to the organizer of the exhibition, the six Gulf countries have approved $155 billion Yuan solar energy projects. After these projects are completed in 2017, the power generation will reach 84gw. At the same time, the declining cost of solar energy and the increasing demand for electricity will make the Gulf region the center of solar energy development. However, since the sand and gravel in Egypt are the raw materials for manufacturing solar panels, regional stability is very important for the development of solar energy in the Gulf

Norman, head of the UAE Solar Energy Association, said that due to the trade friction between China and Europe and the United States in the field of solar energy, the growing Gulf market is very attractive to Chinese companies

data show that solar energy resources in the Middle East account for 45% of the global renewable energy, with great potential. What are the opportunities for China's photovoltaic industry in the Middle East market? In this regard, industry insiders said that the opportunities of China's photovoltaic industry in the Middle East market mainly include the following points:

the first is natural conditions. Most of the Middle East, especially the Gulf countries, are located in desert areas, and the light duration is much higher than that of other parts of the world. In some parts of the Middle East, the light intensity is even more than twice that of Europe. Therefore, the natural conditions for the development of photovoltaic industry in the region are relatively good

the second is the promotion of regional economic development. In recent years, with the rise of oil prices, the economy of the Middle East, especially the oil producing countries, has developed rapidly. The development of economy and the increase of population have directly led to the increase of demand for electricity, which has created conditions for promoting the development of photovoltaic industry and the utilization of LANXESS plastics in hybrid and electric vehicles

the third is the sense of crisis. Remember to save the experimental data. Middle East countries are increasingly aware of the crisis of limited oil and resources. For oil producing countries, they hope to solve the domestic electricity problem by developing renewable energy

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