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In September 2013, kalkbult, the largest photovoltaic power station project in South Africa, was completed ahead of schedule and successfully generated electricity recently. Its total installed capacity is 75MW, with an annual power generation of 135million kwh, which can meet the power consumption of 33000 South African households - it is also one of the largest power stations in South Africa at present, in which all photovoltaic modules are provided by BYD

The kalkbult project is located in North Cape Town, South Africa. It is about 160 football fields (1142400 square meters) in size, and its scale is huge, ranking in the forefront of the world. South Africa has always been committed to the development of renewable energy. Welcome to consult the common protective fence of pendulum impact testing machine. This project will effectively use the rich solar energy resources in South Africa and help the production and life of the whole region of South Africa develop in a better direction with the enrichment of power resources

the project was completed three months ahead of the original plan. Power producer scatecsolar said that BYD's solar panel modules have good quality and fast delivery speed, which are also very helpful to speed up the progress of the project. Zhao Tong, general manager of BYD solar sales, said, "this cooperation with scatecsolar is very pleasant. Scatecsolar has shown strong professionalism in the whole project. BYD is very confident in its products and services, and hopes to have more opportunities to continue cooperation in the future."

the photovoltaic power station will also have a very significant effect in energy conservation and emission reduction. It is estimated that the power station will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 115000 tons per year, effectively slowing down the trend of global warming. In addition, in the process of construction, the power station basically uses local residents for operation, providing employment opportunities for local residents at different levels

South Africa is the most developed country in Africa. For a long time, it mainly relies on the traditional power generation mode and does not make full use of the local rich clean energy resources. The success and electrification of the power station will improve the ecological environment of the whole region of South Africa and drive the development of the subsequent clean energy industry

South Africa has great room for development in clean energy by virtue of its rich advantages in solar energy and wind energy, as well as huge investments from all over the world. While many new energy manufacturers are striving to expand the clean energy market in South Africa, BYD also said that it will continue to support the development of photovoltaic power station projects in South Africa in the future. BYD has strong technical strength and continuous innovation ability in the field of new energy. Its products and services are all over the world and have been widely recognized in the industry. We will wait and see whether it can continue to win the trust of customers and continue to work in the South African market in the future. Zhonghua glass () Department

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