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Sany parfiger special vehicle: Based on Rudong Unicom world

Sany parfiger special vehicle poly (4 fluoroethylene ethylene ethylene copolymer) ETFE vehicles: Based on Rudong Unicom world

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"The company's sales increased significantly in the first four months of this year, especially in export sales. Under the condition that the domestic and foreign machinery and heavy industry market is still weak, Sany parfiger Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. still delivered a good report card. "This continuous and stable operation not only improves the development level of the enterprise, but also imports global high-quality development resources such as the advanced manufacturing mode, business philosophy and market customers of the two world-class enterprises into Rudong, which has a huge impact on the industrial upgrading of Rudong." Eric, deputy general manager of the company, said

like other world top 500 enterprises, Sany Heavy Industry and parfiger, two world-class heavy industry manufacturing enterprises, chose to set up a joint venture in Rudong, which also took a fancy to the unique geographical advantages and transportation conditions here, "Rudong has superior geographical conditions, convenient land and sea transportation conditions, and the meticulous and considerate services of the county Party committee and the county government have also created an ideal investment environment and business environment. Therefore, Sany parfiger factory can be completed and put into operation in just one and a half years." Eric revealed that Sany parfiger's new factory covers an area of 40000 square meters and is parfiger's largest factory in the world. "Some of our spare parts suppliers also produce and operate in the company's factory. A wholly-owned company of parfiger will be moved to the company's factory. A workshop factory can complete the supporting of the industrial chain, which is the innovation of the enterprise."

"in terms of management, establishing a multinational company is a good experience, which can absorb and integrate the essence of Chinese and foreign management practices." Eric said that by learning different cultures, they integrate the local culture of China with the current business culture of Austria, and integrate the corporate culture of Sany Heavy Industry with parfiger's management philosophy, so as to make correct decisions and plans for the future development of the company, "The synergy of the company is unmatched by other enterprises in the same industry, as well as product innovation. We have western advanced production technology and localize it. The company's Chinese R & D team uses existing technology to develop innovation with both eastern and Western cultures and concepts for domestic and foreign markets. 6. Flat sample clamping thickness: 0 ⑴ 5; new products."

as a joint venture, Sany parfiger has another advantage: integrate the top domestic and foreign marketing channels of the two enterprises and carry out domestic and foreign trade. "Parfiger wants to develop the Chinese market into the world's second largest special vehicle production and sales market. It is believed that the cooperation with Sany will promote it to be more F. display mode: utm107+win-xp test software computer screen display will quickly enter the Chinese market, especially Sany's strong agent network. In addition, parfiger also shares and transmits European advanced technology with Sany, providing more resources for Sany's overseas market development." Eric said

"although the company opened for only half a year, the mass production scale and production level of the three major product types of straight arm crane, folding arm crane and aerial work platform have been steadily improved, and the maximum load capacity of the straight arm crane and folding arm crane has reached 16 tons and 24 tons respectively." Wang Fei, head of the Technology Department of the company, said. The sales will reach 300million yuan in the year of opening, and the production target of 2250 units is expected to be completed this year. In the next five years, the annual production capacity of 10000 special vehicles will be formed, and the annual output value will reach 3billion yuan. In the field of special truck mounted cranes, in the future, enterprises will also expand to special fields such as fire trucks, solid waste cleaning trucks, garbage transfer trucks, etc

"the foundation of the company's business development lies in the comprehensive cost performance of products." Eric said that this cost performance is not only reflected in product performance and price, but also in product design, after-sales service, brand publicity, customer experience and other aspects. The experience and value created by the product during its service cycle are excessive, which can provide customers with the best solutions, so that customers can not only do what others cannot do after purchasing the product We should also enjoy the considerate service that others cannot experience

in Rudong, the rapid development of Sany parfiger will form a huge industrial chain pulling effect, which is expected to form a large-scale industrial cluster. Zhan Lifeng, Secretary of the county Party committee, said at the opening ceremony that the Sany parfiger project has a strong driving effect and agglomeration effect on emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, which our county focuses on, and investment in Rudong is also conducive to the strategic layout of Sany parfiger in the Yangtze River Delta

as for the potential impact of Rudong in the future, Sany parfiger will also bring great achievements in the input of resources. Parfiger in Austria is a famous manufacturer of handling and loading equipment with a history of more than 80 years. There are nearly 150 types of folding arm truck mounted cranes. The sales of folding arm truck mounted cranes, forestry cranes, special cranes for solid waste recycling, carriage loading systems and other products are the first in the world. "As an enterprise with global brand influence, people generally know the location of the company, which is located in Sany parfiger in Rudong, and will grow together with Rudong. The global market can know Rudong more deeply through this enterprise." Eric said that the production layout of the enterprise is completely designed according to the manufacturing mode of European factories. For example, the production processes such as welding are built according to the standards of European parfiger group. Parfiger unreservedly brought their advanced manufacturing technology and the design technology of truck mounted cranes to China, bringing the production mode and production concept that the enterprise has accumulated for more than 80 years to Rudong, "At the same time, there will be market sales. Rudong is closer to the world market, and Rudong will have more related industries to participate in international division of labor and cooperation."

Sany parfiger is not only an industrial project, which has derived a high-end equipment manufacturing industry, but also built a national and even world-class manufacturing base. With this project, Rudong manufacturing is expected to represent the advanced level of made in China to participate in the division of labor, cooperation and competition in the world manufacturing industry and market. The development concept, production level and management mode of the enterprise are not only Rudong's, but also national and world's. Sany parfiger will contribute to the revitalization of global manufacturing industry

since last year, major projects such as Datang NXP, BASF, Sany Heavy Industry and Honeywell, as well as Sinopec in Taiwan, SK in South Korea and Essen in France, will greatly enhance the opening-up degree of Rudong in the future development. These projects will take advantage of the development advantages of production bases to attract more high-quality supporting projects at home and abroad, Carry out market transactions of world-wide industrial manufacturing and division of labor in Dongyi county. In the future, Rudong industry will be closer to the center of world manufacturing, the highland of scientific and technological research and development, and the market of end customers, followed by the most advanced foreign production mode, management experience, industry norms, product design and other important resources

as the main body of Rudong's fundamental future development, the openness of export-oriented industrial economy to undertake the division of labor in the big market and the strength to participate in domestic and international market competition have always been Rudong people's confidence in pursuing leapfrog catching up with "Rudong dream". Breaking through the geographical separation, formulating industrial development plans from the big market pattern, arranging industrial forms, and improving the length, breadth, and depth of opening up have always been a main line throughout the entire development process of Rudong

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