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Sany new roller SSR helps the construction of jiangluo Expressway

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as we all know, the quality of highway depends not only on materials, but also on the performance of construction equipment. In highway construction, the quality and progress of construction are closely related to the performance of rollers. Recently, Sany launched a new single drive single steel wheel roller SSR pressure testing machine, which has been involved in the construction of Guangdong jiangluo Expressway since its launch, and its excellent performance has also been highly recognized by customers

roller with stepless speed change and easy operation

slow, heavy and difficult to operate is people's consistent impression of roller, but SSR has the ability of no starting impact and stepless speed change after being equipped with a 140kW high-power engine and full hydraulic drive. A person in charge of research and development of Sany road roller introduced that the extensive use of hydraulic technology is the characteristics of this model. In addition to full hydraulic drive, SSR is also equipped with hydraulic transmission. After cooperating with the vibrating bearing of rat bag lubrication structure, compared with the mechanical roller, it has the characteristics of no clutch, no friction plate and low maintenance cost

the simple and clear interactive interface

and the structure without clutch means that the characteristics of small operation volume, light weight, high precision and convenient use are simpler. The above-mentioned R & D director said that in terms of operation experience, SSR adopts one-bar operation, and the front and rear reversing operation is simple and convenient. More than 900 kinds of new materials have been used in the cab so far, and a large screen LCD screen has been born here, which has a good man-machine interface. In addition, the cab also adopts advanced damping and vibration isolation. The vibration reduction effect of the cab has reached a good level, and the noise in the cab is lower than 84dB (a), which can be said to improve the driving comfort to the extreme

the new product will be put into use immediately after it is launched, and the road rolling effect will reach 6 times after 5 times.

it is understood that Jiang Luo expressway is a part of the "four horizontal" line in the expressway planning of Guangdong Province, and it is also a section of Shenzhen Luo expressway. Jiangluo Expressway starts from Gonghe Town, Heshan City, Jiangmen City (connected with Jianghe Expressway), with a total length of 147.4 kilometers and a total investment of 16.777 billion yuan. The successful completion of the pavement paving project of Luoding section of jiangluo expressway is related to whether the project can be opened to traffic in 2016

A person in charge of Sany road machine said that in the South China market, Sany equipment has formed a good reputation effect, which is different from the sporadic procurement of customers in the past. Now customers in South China prefer to purchase Sany road equipment in complete sets. The SSR has just appeared, that is, it was purchased and put into use by customers. "In the past, the road needed to be pressed six times, but now it only needs to be pressed five times." An on-site person in charge of Luoding section of jiangluo Expressway said that he was deeply impressed by the compaction efficiency of SSR ultra-high conditioning clamping speed knob

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