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Sany offshore was busy with the new year shipment, and the flow machine order reached a new high in January

Sany offshore was busy with the new year shipment, and the flow machine order reached a new high in January

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immediately became arrogant. On February 23, Sany shore bridge was successfully delivered to Costa Rica customers after commissioning, and was highly praised. On February 21, Sany Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. officially sent the protection and maintenance of 6 front cranes to Russia, Nigeria and other parts of the world, and was happy to have a good start in the new year. What is more worth mentioning is that in January, the sales orders of Sany offshore flow machines exceeded 100, a record high

It is understood that the shore bridge delivered to Moin port in Costa Rica this time is a 50 ton 48 meter shore container crane (STS) meticulously built by SANY, which integrates many key technology applications and innovations of Sany, and successfully completes the on-site commissioning. The delivery of the two shore bridges will bring qualitative changes to the port container business of Moin port and greatly improve the handling efficiency of port containers

the two sides talked about the high quality of Sany shore bridge. Ms. Anna, President of Moin port authority, spoke highly of the manufacturing level, process level and product quality, and praised that Sany shore bridge will soon become a leader in the field of large port machinery manufacturing

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at present, Sany offshore flow machinery products have maintained the first market share for ten consecutive years. In January, the sales orders of streaming machines exceeded 100, a record high, of which the international orders were close to 50%. In order to ensure the needs of global customers, Sany offshore Zhuhai Industrial Park and Changsha Industrial Park will start production in advance to the third day of the first month. As more and more Sany marine engineering equipment begin to be shipped and delivered, "Sany red" will also reach more countries, making more contributions to the local development to further study the surface/interface of biomaterials

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