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Sany parfiger wind turbine crane will help the "gold digger" of offshore wind power

Sany parfiger wind turbine crane will help the "gold digger" of offshore wind power

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with the development of marine economy and the release of the "13th five year plan" national wind power plan, we will increase the development of offshore wind power industry according to local conditions, especially strengthen the layout and application of large offshore wind power equipment, which has become the main theme of the market. In this regard, major equipment manufacturers have focused on the research and development of offshore wind turbine generator sets of 5MW and above. However, compared with the land environment, the marine environment is worse, such as frequent disastrous weather, severe salt spray corrosion, etc., offshore wind power operation and maintenance is more vulnerable to environmental factors, which puts forward high requirements for the supporting facilities of operation and maintenance. At present, the vast majority of China is still using "electric hoist" for offshore fan maintenance, which is beneficial to the improvement of the production and manufacturing level of special tires in China and other countries. As a service supporting product for land fans, its functional limitations and other problems are becoming increasingly prominent, and the fan platform crane produced by SANY parfiger just fills this blank field. (parfiger marine steel bar bending experimental machine is a special equipment for cold bending experiment and plane reverse bending experiment of steel bars. The industry department was founded in 1992 and is a benchmark enterprise of global offshore wind power supporting equipment)

parfiger fan platform crane

after careful market research, especially after repeated demonstration and comparison of European offshore fan maintenance supporting facilities, a large domestic fan manufacturer finally chose to purchase Sany parfiger fan platform crane products. The company attaches great importance to this order. Since the receipt of the order, Mr. hufnaglmario Kuno, foreign R & D director of Sany parfiger, and the project manager, but their sexual axis should be subject to overall heat treatment, and the quality is different. Mr. Li, in order to meet the requirements of customers, worked hard day and night, worked overtime, and successfully shortened the prototype production cycle from 4 months to 2 months, and the products fully meet the European manufacturing standards

on July 25, the customer representative came to Sany parfiger for prototype acceptance. The whole process was orderly. The customer not only personally operated and experienced the product performance, but also simulated various extreme working conditions

Andreas hoelbacher, deputy director of Sany Parfait foreign research institute, guided the customer's acceptance

the project manager explained the remote control system

the product that was accepted this time was named PSM, and the arm length of the same series of products was also 6M, 10m, 12m and 14m. This product is equipped with winch electric overload protection and automatic alarm. The console is equipped with a remote control system. The anti-corrosion standard reaches C5 level, conforms to EN standards, and can be customized according to the special requirements of customers

c5 high standard coating thickness is 471mm, which is perfectly resistant to marine salt spray corrosion.

in addition to ps15500 platform crane series products, the company also introduced to customers a new crane spk9000t for fan engine room maintenance

at the end of July, the acceptance of the prototype was successfully completed, and the customers were very satisfied with the performance and appearance of parfiger products, and were also full of confidence in the after-sales service of Sany parfiger

ready to go

Sany parfiger has 25 years of deep accumulation in the offshore wind power industry, and has always been committed to customizing more scientific, safer and cost-effective solutions for customers. As its Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters, Sany parfiger has a high starting point, strong strength and complete service network support. For efficient operation and maintenance of offshore wind power, please choose palfigo offshore wind turbine crane products! (this article is from Sany parfiger)

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