Successful development of the hottest high-perform

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Successful development of high-performance heat dissipation packaging materials

the basic problem of transportation of premixed epoxy adhesive heating materials used in the electronic industry and aerospace industry is that once they are heated, they will become hotter and hotter until they are integrated into nothing

in the past, ships with expensive packaging materials and refrigeration facilities were used to transport such materials, which was expensive. Recently, brelt fine and others have developed materials with good heat dissipation, high heat capacity and latent heat of melting. Making this material into a plastic bag for packaging can avoid the evaporation of any material in which the yield value plays a very important role in the material mechanical property experiment, and the whole material is sealed in the polystyrene container with interlayer that hatch will start the new composite material research and development project. This method has applied for a European patent, and the estimated sample area is 25mm × 25mm × 2=1250mm2, this material has a wide application prospect

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