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The five layer coextrusion heat shrinkable film unit was successfully developed

a private enterprise Harbin ganghao plastic research and Harbin Institute of technology jointly developed a five layer coextrusion heat shrinkable film unit, namely srjz-35/5a- Ⅲ, which obtained an invention patent. The unit was installed in Harbin confectionery and Beverage General Factory. After several months of operation, it showed that Koizumi felt fresh when he first came into contact with this kind of clay. The performance of the unit was reliable and met the requirements of users

the main features of the unit are: the structure can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the production of single-layer or 2-5 layers of film can be adjusted randomly; Thermal shrinkage can be adjusted; It can produce 1 ~ 5 layers of coextrusion film and 1 ~ 5 layers of heat shrinkable film into 1 ~ 5 layers of heat shrinkable casing film; At the same time, different raw materials can be used, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, EVOH, EVA, etc. the film folding clamping arm can be set mm according to the experiment, which is suitable for food packaging and meets the domestic market demand

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