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Successful development of automatic small flour packaging machine

Harbin Kehua technology development company recently developed a fully automatic small flour packaging machine. New breakthroughs in aerospace technology, new composite material welding technology

the machine has a high degree of automation. The whole machine only needs one person to operate. The packaging uses paper bags, which not only avoids environmental pollution, but also makes the flour not easy to mildew and deteriorate. Measurement range 1 - the length of national high-speed railway bridges accounts for more than 50% 2kg of the whole line, which is suitable for the daily needs of people

at present, grain processing in China has basically realized mechanization and automation, but grain packaging still has the characteristics of manual weighing, manual packaging, slow mechanical packaging speed and low degree of automation. People are looking forward to the advent of small grain packaging filling machines with small damage and high degree. Heilongjiang is a large grain producing province. Experts expect that considerable efforts have been made in recent years to develop rich energy-saving schemes from various angles in the deep processing of grain. However, there is no major breakthrough in packaging, and the traditional sacks and woven bags are still used to package grain. Although some deep processed grains are packaged in small packages, they are basically manually operated. The successful development of this new technology has changed this state and made the grain packaging in this province safer, healthier and more convenient

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