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Successful development of environmental friendly food plastic containers

hiroji Watanabe, the world's oldest qualified plastic food container development expert and President of Japan's central chemical company, announced that after 10 years of efforts, he has successfully developed a special plastic for environmental friendly food packaging containers - CT

with C, the utensils made of T plastic by the bulk precipitation process line of this device look no different from other packaging containers. It is a new composite material made of polypropylene plastic filled with about half of the talc powder produced in Liaoning, China, and blended

ct is not only resistant to high temperature, but also has a prominent advantage that its function is similar to that of PSP products commonly known as foamed plastics, but its volume is only 1/4, avoiding many troubles at the end of "1025" due to its huge volume during recycling. Watanabe believes that CT will be a more suitable plastic packaging container based on the Chinese food culture of focusing on oil and high calorie experimental equipment for technological innovation and industrialization. On the other hand, CT can also play a positive role in view of the serious white pollution in China. (China Chemical News)

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