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Successful development of digital flat pressing and ironing die cutting machine

a completely new digital flat pressing and ironing die cutting machine with independent intellectual property rights has been successfully developed. The structure of this machine is completely different from the current production capacity and market response, so as to better realize the human-machine running in system in the process of operation. The hot stamping speed can reach more than 10000 sheets/hour. Due to the digital control, the hot stamping time can be set in advance according to the needs. No matter how the hot stamping speed changes, the hot stamping time remains unchanged. Therefore, ordinary anodized aluminum can be used to achieve high-speed and high-quality hot stamping. It breaks the commandment that ordinary anodized aluminum cannot be hot stamping with high speed and high quality. It has set a world record for high-speed and high-quality flat and hot stamping, and has obtained a number of patents. The machine also has the following features:

1 The paper feeding system has no paper feeding table and no front gauge. Because of its excellent high-temperature mechanical stability, excellent chemical resistance and good compatibility with high-precision 3D printing system, it has no side gauge, and the paper positioning is completely controlled by digital technology

2. The paper intermittent motion mechanism of the traditional die-cutting machine is canceled, and the servo motor is used to control the reciprocating motion of the paper gripper row

3. The gripper row adopts vacuum pneumatic gripper without gripper, which has simple structure and light weight, and is suitable for high-speed operation

4. The foil feeding mechanism is controlled by digital technology, which can feed the foil in both vertical and horizontal directions at the same time. Any position on the aluminum foil can be hot stamped on the substrate, and the utilization rate of aluminum foil is about 50% higher than that of traditional hot stamping machines. The foil path is only about 1/3 of the traditional hot stamping machine under normal circumstances, with accurate tension control and small aluminum foil deformation

5. The hot stamping platform is controlled by digital technology, and the hot stamping time can be set in advance. The hot stamping speed changes, and the hot stamping time does not change. The hot stamping platform can be customized according to users' needs

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