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With the rapid development of China's economy, the metal packaging container industry has developed rapidly. As the main raw material of the packaging industry, the consumption of tinplate has increased sharply. According to the statistical data of China Packaging Technology Association, the market demand of tinplate in China has reached 1.6 million tons in 2003, increasing at the rate of 100000 tons per year, and the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, the selling price of tinplate also soared all the way, with an increase of 80%! In this case, it is inevitable to cause the corresponding transfer of production costs: first, raising prices downstream, and second, using high-tech to reduce costs. It is difficult for enterprises to unify the price rise; Only by using high and new technology, we will not be able to cope with unprecedented challenges and tests. Under the current market situation, it is particularly important to transform traditional production processes and enterprises with high and new technologies, and the victory is more sure

Wuxi partner Daily Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. and Sweden Ruihua group jointly invested 45million yuan to establish Jiangyin Ruixing Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of laminated iron for packaging and the manufacture of complete production lines. At present, the daily production capacity has reached 100 tons, and it can reach 150 tons within this year. The company aims to strengthen research and development, improve quality standards, and provide comprehensive and enthusiastic services. Determined to strive for the rapid development of this emerging industry in China. Experts predict that the success of the research and development of the patented technology of coated iron will trigger a new revolution and bring great business opportunities to the metal container industry

characteristics of laminating iron

after changing the traditional iron printing process to laminating process, the speed can be increased by three times. The speed of printing eight colors at the same time can reach 200 meters per minute, the maximum width can reach 1.2 meters, and it can be compounded on both sides at the speed of 50 meters per minute. For example, products with a thickness of 0.22mm and a width of 1 meter can produce 40 tons per shift and 120 tons per day. Compared with the traditional iron printing process, the cost can be significantly reduced, with energy saving of 50%. The temperature requirements of the two processing procedures are below 80 ℃, and the exhaust gas emission can be reduced by 60%. More prominently, because the laminating process adopts coiled material processing, the undercut in the old process and the middle cutting of the whole roll can be omitted, and the material utilization rate can be increased by 4.5%, saving 400 ~ 500 yuan per ton

scope of application

coated iron can be widely used in gift packaging, wine packaging, chemical cans, food cans, spray cans, toys, stationery, etc

The successful application of coated iron can not only save a lot of foreign exchange resources and energy for the country, but also improve the level of environmental protection, improve productivity, reduce production costs, enhance competitiveness, drive the export of agricultural and sideline products to earn foreign exchange, and realize the revitalization of the metal packaging industry. It is beneficial to the country, the people and oneself

problems to be solved

1. How to ensure resistance welding with ECG sensor and leave blank

this is the key to the technology of laminating iron. The traditional printing iron is slotted on the coating roller to leave blank, but the phenomenon of material carrying occurs from time to time; The lamination is cut and left blank before lamination, so the phenomenon of material carrying will not occur, so it is more accurate and reliable

2. The influence of lamination on touch up coating and glue injection

there are two problems that need to be explained clearly. First, according to different needs, the lamination film and the paint and varnish applied on the tank belong to the same resin, so the compatibility of the current touch up coating and sealing glue injection is the same, and there is no problem at all. Second, the thickness of the film on the inner side is thicker than that of coating 214, and it is soft and uniform, which can avoid sealing and glue injection, and also achieve the sealing effect, which is an important reason for the promotion of coated iron abroad

3. Rust prevention of the blank part in transportation and storage

even the rust prevention of the blank part of the tinplate in the plum rain season is also a major problem of great significance to ensure the accuracy of the quantity value of the fatigue testing machine. Not to mention the use of tinplate, which is the focus of research. Because the conductive coating is used before compounding, the effect is obvious, which is no less than the rust prevention performance of tinplate

4. Meet the food hygiene requirements of FDA and the requirements of high temperature and cooking

at present, the film and adhesive used are the materials of food grade flexible packaging bags, and all indicators meet the requirements of food hygiene and high temperature and cooking resistance, and do not contain solvents

5. Achieve the transparent gold, silver effect and matte effect of iron printing process

facts have proved that using aluminized film, matte film and laser film, the effect has previously supported 22 projects in Tongji, which is better than tinplate. At present, the specifications of accepting orders are:

0.35*730*c t2.5-t3 magnetic white on the front and transparent yellow on the back

0.28*712*c t2.5-t3 magnetic white on the front and transparent yellow on the back

0.28*712*c t2.5-t3 aluminum plating on the front and chrome iron color on the back

0. Adjust the speed valve appropriately according to the loading speed to load 28*712*c t2.5-t3, chrome iron color on the front and transparent yellow on the back

0.23*800*c t2.5-t3 magnetic white on the front and transparent yellow on the back

0.21*700*c t2.5-t3 magnetic white on the front and transparent yellow on the back

0.20*660*c t2.5-t3 front chrome iron color, reverse transparent yellow

source: China's packaging industry

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